Class of '03

September 28th turned out to be a grey and rainy day, but that certainly didn’t stop the class of 2003 from reuniting, reminiscing, and reestablishing old relationships!

The reunion began with about 15 graduates and their families meeting up in the MBCI cafeteria over coffee and platz, where Sherry Sukkau and Mary Unruh kindly took us on a tour of the new and improved MBCI campus. It was exciting to see how the building has evolved and to recall the memories that we made amongst those hallways long ago.

Despite the rain, we decided to stick with our plan of meeting in Kildonan Park where we shared a very tasty lunch catered by Danny’s Whole Hog. Amidst the beats of “Hits from 2003”, we revisited the predictions we had made in our graduation yearbook. Unfortunately, no one from our graduating class has become “next Bill Gates” (yet), but we were proud to learn that many have accomplished their dreams already, be it “becoming Mr. Mom”, working at MBCI, or rallying to protect Mother Earth.

Later in the evening, the Tavern United accommodated about 55 of us in their private mezzanine. We shared delicious appetizers and drinks over conversations that went long into the night. While overlooking a parking lot of hundreds of white lights in participation with Nuit Blanche, some of us bravely tore open our 10-year letters we had written in Grade 12 to our future selves. The letters made us smile, blush, roll our eyes or wipe a tear ... likely from laughter.

At the end of the night, almost every goodbye was paired with the question “so when will we do this again? 25, 10 or 5 years?” Just say the word fellow grads, and we can convene again!! Although there were many faces that were missed, the day was a success and confirmation that we as a class truly did succeed! Thank you to all of the educators who pushed us toward our bright future!

Submitted by Dana Kelunik