Class of '07

The 10 year reunion occurred on August 26th, 2017. The MBCI Graduating Class of 2007 got together at the school and were given a tour by their former teacher Mr. Reynold Buhler.  They had some refreshments and afterwards headed to Buccacino’s for dinner.

We had an amazing time together. It was great to see majority of the class coming including those who have families already. The reunion gave us a chance to see how we all have changed. I could see my classmates were very emotional and happy to see one another. Some people there had not seen each other since we all received our diplomas in June 2007. Good or bad, high school was a very important time in our lives. It was a period of momentous firsts: first cars, first concerts, first loves, etc. I barely remember people I went to university with but I can bump into someone from high school in the grocery store and instantly know them, despite 10 years having gone by!

High school years in general left a mark on all of us. It was a shared experience and the reunion was about remembering those who went through it with us. We rekindled old friendships or created new ones!

Overall the reunion was a blast. It was emotional and nice to see everyone, hear about everyone’s life and changes, and just seeing everyone grow.

Submitted by:
Patricia Kumbakisaka (‘07)