Class of '04

The Class of 2004 10 year reunion took place on September 13th, 2014. The day started off with a tour of MBCI led by Mary Unruh. High school stories and memories quickly ensued as alumni arrived at the MBCI MPR. After some refreshments, the tour began. The alumni were impressed by all of the new additions to the school. Equally impressive was the way that some things stayed exactly the same i.e. band room and the cafeteria. Following the tour we received our long awaited 10 year letters. The alumni that shared what they had written were amused and needless to say entertained by the contents.

The evening brought more festivities as the Class of 2004 gathered at Maw’s Eatery and Pub. It was great to find out how everyone was doing and what life was like since they attended MBCI. As a result of the great food, music and conversation everyone had a good time. Thank you everyone for coming and to Mary Unruh for helping to organize the event.   

Submitted by: Jeffrey Mathew and Carlos Mesquita