Class of '60

Back row left to right: Jake Dyck, Herb Buller, Katherine(Unger) Penner, Louise ( Fast)Kuja), Burkhard Dittberner, Gerry Strempler, Frank DeFehr Front row left to right:  Herta(Rempel) Janzen, Erna (Falk) Buller, Eleanore (Warkentin) Johns, Annemarie (Dick) Klassen, Hanny (Unruh) Labun, Wanda (Friesen) Andres,
Evelyn Labun

On September 2, 2015, 14 classmates together with some spouses gathered at Frank and Agnes DeFehr’s home for a 55th reunion. Wanda (Friesen) Andres was able to coax everyone into sharing memories of MBCI. The out-of-town students, who lived in residence, had stories of the routine (read rules) and the not-so-on the routine activities . One theme that recurred was “life is good” in spite of the ups and downs in the intervening 55 years. The sentiment was that there should be a 60th reunion.