Class of '66

The “Class of 1966” (32 of us, along with 14 partners) met over a weekend in September (2016). We gathered in Winnipeg from Oregon to Vermont, Victoria to Oakville. Another ten would have joined us, but were unable to attend. In the weeks before we got together we distributed, by email, 38 little autobiographies (one to four pages, with photos attached). These “broke the ice” for so many of us, who hadn’t seen each other for so long. They informed and inspired us; made us laugh and made us weep. Our meeting was high energy from beginning to end, through three sumptuous and spectacular “parties”: dinner at Ed and Agnes Redekopp’s; brunch at MBCI, arranged by Elvira Finnigan; and dinner once more, at Harold and Judith Dueck’s. We sang a little and talked and talked. And laughed a lot. We relaxed into just being together – comfortably. It was a wonderful time. You can see photo albums of the event on Flickr HERE

Update and Photo submitted by Hildi Tiessen