Class of '67

The Class of 1967 Reunites!
May26-28, 2017

On a moody May weekend the class of ’67 was briefly reunited. Around 25 former classmates, some with spouses, attended 4 planned events. A beautifully produced memory book was distributed. For all their hard work and superb planning we, who were there, know whom to thank and have already done so.  

At the Friday evening house party the feeling was warm and welcoming. What a joy and a relief to be recognized (at least by some) and especially to recognize, in this group of sensible looking seniors, the boys and girls of our youth.  Of course there were nerve-wracking moments: I don’t see you in there … oh there you are! A lot of water has gone under the old Disraeli Bridge.    

On Saturday the fun continued with a school walk-through. We felt sorry for the kids nowadays with all their fancy facilities and educational options; it was so much simpler then and, well, more basic, and yet a few (surprisingly few it turns out) managed to matriculate.

The evening banquet at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada was memorable. The setting sun blazed through the glass wall as we wined and dined on exquisite fare, visited around tables and were entertained. We were addressed by our former teachers Bruce Enns and Peter Peters in the flesh and John Regehr in word and spirit. Our school secretary, Kay (Siemens) Pauls, who always kept the school running smoothly, also joined us. Peace be with them all!     

Sunday an atmosphere of calm and comfort pervaded; no doubt some ghosts had been laid to rest. There was hugging (more than would have been deemed appropriate back in the day)  and sadness too, as 12 of our friends, already passed, were brought to mind. There was music, a beautifully read sermon that was pure JR (and that’s good!) and some wise words from some of our classmates. Many of us then lingered awhile in the MBCI multi-purpose room over coffee and treats. It was all pretty wonderful!

View photos of the reunion here.