Class of '71

On Aug. 23rd/13 there were 9 classmates and 3 partners who shared birthday cake, laughs and stories on a warm summer night at the Forks. -Linda McBurney (Derksen), Paul Remple, Peter Redekopp, Elsie Regehr, Walter Geddert, Fred Mensink, Lori Hildebrand (Kliewer), Liz Drewitt (Janzen) and Hedy Joycey (Loewen).

On Saturday, Aug. 24, a few of us had brunch at Assiniboine Park and in the afternoon Elsie, Lori and I headed out to Lester Beach to Walter’s amazing cabin. Elfie Harvey(Wettstein) and husband joined us for a lovely afternoon and evening hosted by Walter and Annemarie Geddert. We enjoyed a dramatic rain storm, great stories and friendship. Even though Wes Kehler was not there in body he must have felt his ears burning as we shared some of his adventures from years past.

As about half of our classmates live outside of Manitoba, we made a decision to get together for coffee or a meal whenever someone from our class returns to visit family in Winnipeg. Even if only 2 or 3 of us gather together, we would like our visiting classmates to call us and we will put out a message to gather. We will have our first opportunity in January when Elvira Smid (Regier) comes to Winnipeg.

Submitted by Hedy Joycey (Loewen).