Class of '90

After 25 years, graduates from the class of 1990 gathered together for an incredible weekend of food, laughter, and giving praise to God.  Grads from as far away as B.C., Quebec, and uhm, Morden, joined us for this incredible event.  The reunion began on Aug. 14th at Deluca’s Restaurant where 33 Grads enjoyed a delicious dinner, 80’s music (the best), and some friendly competition.  The following day, grads and their families gathered together at Assiniboine Park for a visit, and finally, we all got together on Sunday at the place where it all began, MBCI.  We enjoyed a tour of the school hosted by Fred Pauls and Lori Derksen and ended our reunion with a worship service at the school.  We also invited Wilma and Cliff Derksen to share at our service, as Candace would have graduated with our class.  Our class would like to give glory and thanks to God for His faithfulness throughout the years and for the blessing of having attended MBCI, and the friendships that continue to endure from that time in our lives.

Submitted by Chris Derksen