Middle School

Our middle school experience from grades 5 - 8 builds the foundation for students to face the challenges of high school and beyond. Students learn through opportunities and in spaces specifically designed to help them become learners who are curious, brave and resilient.

Most of our middle school students have one teacher for core subjects allowing for a natural flow of learning. The small class size of our middle school homerooms cultivates a safe community environment that supports students in holistic ways - teachers are able to keep a caring and careful eye on social dynamics, emotional needs and learning goals.

Our learning spaces are environments that inspire creativity, support collaboration, and are designed to meet different learning needs and styles. Chromebooks and innovative furniture are just a couple of the ways that the classroom is being re-imagined.

Our middle school students participate in innovative new programs which incorporate STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) learning, digital citizenship, coding, robotics, design process and  service learning. These programs are designed to foster a growth-mindset and a love of learning.


Once a month, all of our grade 6 students gather for collaborative learning where they are challenged to continue discovering what they are passionate about. Engaging and interactive, STAR 6 days are highly anticipated learning opportunities that equip students to become innovators and problem-solvers.

Genius Hour

Grade 7 students participate in Genius Hour once a month.  This is an opportunity for students to develop “passion projects”; taking their problem-solving and design skills to the next level. Students are coached by their teachers in applying their own questions and design to topics of their choosing; they grow as learners who can collaborate, communicate, and think critically and creatively about any academic challenges that come their way.


Grade 8 students are introduced to Multiple Intelligences theory as a way of helping them appreciate and understand the full range of abilities and talents that they, and their peers, possess and can develop. Students participate in activities designed to help them discover more about how they learn and how they can grow their potential and contribute to the world.