Ventures Program

MBCI is excited to bring Christian faith and the business world together through the Ventures Program, available to all grade 9 - 12 students. MBCI students will be challenged to understand the fundamentals of business and leadership, while incorporating our faith and values.

Ventures is a valuable option for high school students interested in pursuing a future career in a commerce related field such as economics, entrepreneurship, business, marketing, technology, finance or to develop valuable leadership skills applicable to any profession. Ventures will be offered in a newly renovated classroom designed to complement the business learning experience.

“Business education programs provide rich opportunities for relevant, real world learning experiences.   These experiences, often taught using a project-based learning approach, reinforce high academic standards and at the same time provide authentic contexts in which students can apply what they learn.” (National Business Education Association)

Why Ventures?

  • Students graduating with a certificate in the Ventures Program will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and character necessary for business leadership roles.  
  • Graduates of the program will develop an understanding of Christian ethics and philanthropy in business.
  • Students will have an opportunity to engage with and understand emerging technologies used in business.
  • Students will be inspired to think differently through partnerships with our constituent business leaders and post secondary institutes for an experience that includes:   

   • Interactive Classroom Learning
   • On-site Tours
   • Business Career Conference
   • Business Interview Fair
   • Ethics and Philanthropy Education

MBCI Ventures Certificate Requirements:

  • Business Innovation   
  • Entrepreneurship             
  • Accounting Essentials 
  • Economic Principles     
  • Ventures Portfolio
  • Participation in Mentorship Program - grade 12
  • Participation in Youth in Philanthropy