2017 Britannia Tour


Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England.  Island countries that gently rise up out of the sea with emerald green hills and honey-coloured stones.  Four countries that have shaped Western thought and culture.


For 14 days, 40 of MBCI’s finest immersed themselves in the history, culture, and landscape of Ireland and the UK.  Highlights include driving Ireland’s Ring of Kerry, climbing Neolithic fortresses, kissing the Blarney Stone, storming Edinburgh Castle, and encountering the sacred texts and spaces of the Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s and St. Paul’s Cathedrals, and Glastonbury Tor.  MBCI students thrilled to all that this tour had to offer, building their friendships while retracing the steps of so many great thinkers and writers.  A fantastic Spring Break that provided a lifetime of memories. - Mr. Reynold Buhler

"The tour was extremely fun and also extremely busy!  Every morning had us getting up bright and early at 7am, and always with the promise of great sights in store: Big Ben, The Ring of Kerry, Blarney and Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge, and so much more.  Being a morning person, it was fun to get up early and go out and see the wonders of the Lord’s creation, including oceans, mountains, and much beautiful countryside besides.


It was also supercool to see the architectural design of all the buildings in Ireland and the UK.  So many of the old buildings have been preserved and restored, making it so different from where we live.


The tour was a nice break from school and routine, which was definitely needed at this time in the year.  It was super fun to spend time with good friends and meet several other nice people from other grades.  Our English Tour Director made the trip so much more fun with his witty humour and intelligence, and the chaperones were all awesome and lots of fun in their own ways.  Mr. Buhler ran a great trip and should continue to do so, as this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.  It wasn’t just about travelling to Britain, but who we were as a group travelling together." By Everett Fast