• 2017 Britannia Tour

    Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England.  Island countries that gently rise up out of the sea with emerald green hills and honey-coloured stones.  Four countries that have shaped Western thought and culture.


    For 14 days, 40 of MBCI’s finest immersed themselves in the history, culture, and landscape ...

  • Alumni Perspective

    Shared at this year’s Benefit Dinner, here are a few highlights of Jessica Isaak’s (‘09) alumni perspective.

    “I arrived at MBCI begrudgingly.  If my grade seven self had been allowed to choose, I would have marched right back to my previous school, with its familiar faces, routines, and ...

  • Schulich Stars of MBCI

    By Andrew Hiebert, MBCI Physics Teacher

    The Canadian Schulich Leader Scholarship is an undergraduate entrance scholarship for students intending to enroll in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas of study at a participating university.  The Schulich Leader Scholarship was ...