Learning at MBCI is innovative, rigorous, and creative. We are committed to an inquiry-based, student-centered approach - students and teachers work together, pursuing in-depth exploration and mastery of content.

Meaningful & Relevant

MBCI teachers support students in pursuing “real work for a real purpose”. When learning is relevant - when it connects to the real world - students are equipped to see the purpose behind their work; they are more likely to gain mastery of skills and concepts because they feel a greater degree of investment and ownership in their learning. Whenever possible, students are asked to apply their work and learning to a context outside of the classroom. When they look to an audience beyond the teacher, students have the opportunity to grow as communicators, in interpersonal skills, and in creativity.

Collaborative & Innovative

The study and work environments in which students will find themselves after graduation will require them to work together in teams and to have the ability to solve problems in new ways. Learning at MBCI is designed to equip students with this skill set as they collaborate with their peers, with students in other grades, and occasionally with industry experts. Students grow as innovators when they are given the opportunity, through projects, to design their own solutions to real-world questions and problems.

Rigorous & Diverse

MBCI values each student’s unique contributions to their collective learning and growth. We are committed to maintaining our classrooms as spaces where students of different skills and passions interact and where we value the development of each student’s character. Students will experience a high level of expectation, but also a high level of support. It is critical for the success of our students - both now and in the future - that they are able to learn and work in a diverse community, and where they experience a variety of approaches to teaching and learning.