Every year, you have the opportunity to reach out to our community with a lending hand. You will join your SLG (School Life Group) for a day of hard work, service and team building as you help a community organization.

Previous places of service have included MCC, Siloam Mission, Camp Arnes and many more. High School service day occurs in the fall while Middle School service day occurs in the spring.

Service Hours

As part of your Bible class, you will get to serve in your community on a regular basis. Students have served in arenas, schools, churches and more. Together with your classmates, you will provide more than 8000 hours of community service!

"For Service Day I had the chance to serve downtown in a drop-in daycare and an after school program. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids and getting to know some of the workers. In the afternoon I got to help organize a library. I really enjoyed sorting the older children's books. It brought back so many memories from when I was younger. I also really liked serving with my friends. Overall I really enjoyed this year's service day"

Camryn Gr. 9 

"My first High School Service Day experience was anything but dull. My SLG went to Union Gospel Mission and there we helped mostly with cleaning. My partner and I were asked to make bags of snacks for the homeless people to take with them. In the bags were fruit, yogurt, vegetables, and a pastry. We made 100 bags, but it didn't seem like work; we were laughing and making games out of everything. We got to know some volunteers, and overall, the day was fun."

Natalie Gr. 9