The Character and Habits of an MBCI Graduate

MBCI invites students to develop the kinds of habits that will enable them to practice our values: to learn, love and engage with the world around us. These habits help teachers frame and measure student learning, and ultimately, the thoughts, words, and actions practiced by our graduates characterize them in distinct ways.

Learning & Growth

I have a growth mindset rooted in a foundational love of learning that will remain with me my entire life. I am able to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, thinking critically and with discernment in any situation. 


I have a clear understanding of what it means to live a Christ-centered life, based on the teachings of Jesus. I am able to move into the world with compassion for all, because of the faith modeled by my teachers, and it fosters the passion I have for serving others.


I have developed the character and skills necessary to lead with integrity. I am able to effectively communicate in a way that positively influences those around me, and I have a resilience that enables me to take on difficult challenges.


I have a strong commitment to working with others as stewards of the world. I am a community-minded citizen who places priority on collaboration and developing relationships.  I remain engaged and connected to the work of caring for our environment and those in need.