Class Representatives

MBCI is developing a new program to recruit Class Representatives who serve as a liaison between you, the alumni community, and the school. We are looking for volunteers to serve as Class Representatives for each graduating year.

For the 2015/16 Class – Hannah Teakle was nominated and recently accepted the position as MBCI’s first Class Representative.  Thank you Hannah!

For the 2006/07 Class – Patricia Kumbakisaka has graciously offered to be MBCI’s Class Representative.  Thank you Patricia!

Class Representative Mission & Purpose:

    - Engage and communicate with classmates to develop class identity and unity that  can be shared with the greater alumni community
    - Increase alumni relations to new levels of participation and support

Class Representative Roles & Responsibilities:

    - Act as a liaison between alumni and the school, striving to keep your class connected to MBCI
    - Assist in communications and class outreach
    - Serve as the gatherer of class news for the alumni newsletter, whether it’s a college graduation, birth of a child, a promotion or retirement or other accomplishments
    - Brainstorm and implement ways for alumni to be more involved and stay connected
    - Serve as a representative at alumni events, including reunions

Contact Samantha Groenendijk today to be your Class Representative!