Our inquiry-based, student-centered approach to learning equips students to see the purpose behind their work. When students are able to develop deep understanding of course content, then they have the skills to build upon that understanding and move forward with confidence to mastering the next concept.


MBCI is a Christ-centered school, focused on the practices and values of a Christian community. In this “meaning-full” environment students are asked to look beyond themselves toward the many ways they can serve and care for each other and for the world; important values for navigating the path ahead.


At MBCI, we focus on creating a community of care. When students feel that they belong – when their teachers see them as individuals with unique giftedness and challenges – then we are better equipped to meet individual student needs, and for students and parents to seek support.

This multi-faceted approach to education prepares students for the very next step – and for many “next steps” to come. Together, we can partner in preparing students to live a Life Well Learned.

How we learn at MBCI

MBCI equips students with the knowledge, 21st-century skillset, curiosity, and character they will need to navigate these complexities; preparing them for higher education, employment - and for life.

Anatomy of a School project

Projects will vary according to grade and subject, but share a common approach and timeline. 

Middle School

Students in grades 5 - 8 learn in an environment that is both nurturing and rigorous. Learning is collaborative, creative, and “hands on”.

High School

Grade 9-12 at MBCI is designed to present students with challenges and opportunities.

Business Ventures & Studio

Students get to learn the fundamentals of business and to focus on passion projects while also honing their leadership skills.


Student athletes at MBCI become part of a rich history of excellence and outstanding performance. Players grow in skill, as well as ability to play with integrity.

Music & Performing Arts

Award winning musical productions build teamwork throughout the school, provide expression for a wide range of student talent.


For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. - 1 Corinthians 3:11


Every student has a voice. Our goal at MBCI is to walk alongside students in developing the character and skills necessary to discover and raise their voices with integrity.

Community & Co-curriculars

MBCI is a place where students can feel part of something bigger than themselves. Our community promotes inclusion, understanding and learning.

Getting involved beyond the classroom is key to making new friends, learning new skills, and growing in confidence.

Bursaries & Transportation

MBCI is committed to providing accessible Christian education through affordable tuition rates and an extensive Bursary Program.