Grade 7 Students Visit Ronald McDonald House


Written by Byrklie, Grade 7

Ms. Lutzer took our SLG to the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to donate our Halloween candy to the kids that could not go trick or treating. It looked like a little castle from the outside. It was super cold outside but when we got inside, it was warm and cozy!


The workers were very welcoming and they took us on a tour. We went down stairs and where there was a big dining room, four long tables, a living room with a T.V, comfy seating, video games, and a play area for younger kids to play in. The kitchen was huge with two stoves, two dishwashers, containers to keep your dry food in and bins in the fridge and freezers for your frozen and fresh food.  From there, we went to see the bedrooms but on our way, we got to see the playground outside. The bedrooms were a subtle blue with a grey-brown floor. It made you feel very relaxed and calm. They can have 14 families stay with them at a time. After our tour, we watched a slide show of the Ronald McDonald House Charity.


After our tour, we walked to the family room at the Health Sciences Centre Hospital. It is a giant room with a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms, two nap rooms, a big bathroom and a washing machine and dryer to do laundry. It is pretty much a home away from home for families with children at the hospital.


I learned that RMH provides a home for families that have a child in the hospital that live outside of Winnipeg, so they don’t have to drive two or more hours to go to the hospital. Families can live at RMH and go to the hospital for the treatment. The family room in the hospital is for people that live in Winnipeg, so when their kids are in the hospital and must stay overnight, they can go there to take a nap, eat some food, do laundry or take a shower.


We can support the RMH by donating our birthday presents, or cooking dinner and eating with the families. Did you know that even sports teams cook dinner for the families at RMH? Another way to support these families is to eat at McDonalds and donate money to the charity.