Letter From the Principal - Featured in The Link 2018


One of the gifts our alumni offer to our current students is a vision for what is possible. When alumni share their stories and their expertise with our students, it helps them imagine the many different paths that they, too, can pursue after leaving these halls.

We’ve witnessed several such examples in recent months.

Our Ventures Program (courses for High School students that teach the fundamentals of business and leadership while incorporating our faith and values) holds an annual symposium at which alumni share stories about their journey as entrepreneurs. Our students listen carefully as their learning comes to life and they develop a tangible connection to the hard work of integrating faith, character and business.

Our grade 11 Art students had the opportunity this winter to create a warming hut for the skating trail at The Forks. Several alumni helped our students turn their sketches into reality. This project became one that embodied the value of community; deepening student learning to include new relationships, new skills, and the chance to learn first-hand what can be accomplished through the generosity of others.

This is the kind of teaching and learning that we are pursuing at MBCI. Wherever possible, students learn through projects that connect them with the real world: with their peers, with the surrounding culture and community, and with the development of their own character and identity. We believe strongly that this is a model for deep and rigorous learning in which students build resilience, develop greater understanding of content, and grow in creativity and confidence.

We hope the stories we’ve included here bring back fond memories of your own learning at MBCI and give you a glimpse of how our current students are contributing to the legacy that you have built.

Andrea Neufeld (‘96), Principal