High School

MBCI’s high school experience from grades 9 - 12 is designed to provide the challenges and opportunities necessary for students to develop their passions while practicing the skills and habits that will open doors to their future.

Grade 9

  • As an important transition year into high school, MBCI takes care to design opportunities for grade 9 students that serve as a foundation for the social and academic growth yet to come.
  • Early in the school year students participate in a welcome retreat to help them build connections and a feeling of belonging.
  • We offer a wide range of grade 9 course options so that students can begin to explore their interests and gifts.
  • Knowing that technological literacy will be critical to their academic success, all grade 9 students take ICT (Information and Communications Technology) as a foundation for their learning in high school and beyond.

Project Based Learning

Throughout their MBCI experience, rigorous and relevant opportunities for Project Based Learning will invite students to grow as resilient and curious learners. Projects equip students to question and evaluate information, take ownership of their learning, and share their learning in a meaningful way. As students progress through grades 9 - 12, projects will increase in complexity in a way that equips students to develop the skills and understanding that are in demand after graduation.


MBCI is committed to shaping a school environment in which all students can find their place. Teachers are interested not only in successful academic outcomes, but also in the cultivation and formation of character and faith. Students have a wide range of options through which to build a sense of community and belonging: all students are members of School Life Groups (SLGs); sports teams work hard together while also building relationships; co-curriculars such as Model United Nations, Chess Club and Jazz Band offer a safe place for students to build community with others who share their interests.