Andrea Buller, Principal


MBCI is a Christ-centered middle and secondary school, equipping students to learn, love, and engage with the world. As an independent school, we’re mindful of what a privilege it is to teach our students. MBCI families choose to be here; entrusting us with a responsibility that reaches beyond teaching, and includes nurturing character and faith.

The ways that we learn and grow here at MBCI are also a deliberate choice, guided by our vision for equipping students to learn, love, and engage with the world. These words provide a way to frame, direct, and measure our teaching and learning.

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MBCI students learn in ways that prepares them for post-secondary success, and also in ways that are designed to shape who they are; and who they are becoming. We seek to model and practice a growth mindset – both students and teachers - challenging ourselves to grow as creative communicators and problem-solvers.


MBCI is a Christ-centered school, focused on the practices and values of a Christian community. Our faith guides us in valuing and caring for each student as a beloved child of God; working to create an atmosphere in which every student belongs. From within this environment of care, students are then asked to look beyond themselves toward the many ways they can serve and care for others and for the world.


MBCI students engage with their learning, with their peers, and with the broader community. When students are deeply engaged, they nurture strong connections and find their voices as leaders; their curiosity grows, along with their ability to innovate and collaborate. We’re exciting about the kind of learning that happens at MBCI and invite you to join us. 

Together, we can partner in preparing students to live a Life Well Learned.