Application Form

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International Students are encouraged to apply early, as obtaining the necessary study permit/visa may take up to three months or more.

Step 1

Send the completed application and all supporting documents, see checklist on page one, to MBCI by email .

Step 2

Applications will be processed within 48 hours. Once all documents and the application fee have been received, the student will be contacted acknowledging the receipt of the application package.

Step 3

Entry into MBCI requires that students, together with their parents or guardians, participate in an interview with an administrator of the school. The purpose of the interview is to learn about your child and to discover if MBCI might be the place that would allow them to have an excellent academic experience. Our admissions office will be in contact with you to make interview arrangements on a space available basis. Interviews will be conducted using Skype or FaceTime.

Step 4

A preliminary letter of acceptance will be issued by MBCI and all fees, tuition, homestay and medical, are due upon receipt of the letter.

Fees are to be submitted by EFT as per the information below.

Important:  Please indicate the name of the student for which the fees are being paid.

Step 5

Upon full payment of fees, the acceptance package containing a formal letter of acceptance, required by the Canadian Embassy for application for a Study Permit, and the custodianship documents, as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be issued.

Step 6

Unaccompanied students will be met at the airport by program personnel, welcoming them to the city of Winnipeg.